Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why your business needs a Responsive Website Design?

What is mean by responsive website? If the website will be displayed correctly in all screen sizes like computers, mobiles and tablets, then it is called a responsive website. In short responsive means one site fits in all screens.
We have a lot of questions about it. Is it obligatory to have a responsive site? What is the explanation for it? What is the contrast between a mobile site and responsive site? Which alternative is the best responsive site or mobile site?
There are some points which give a clear idea about benefit of using Responsive web design:
1.     Use of mobile is increasing

Use of mobile is increasing speedily, individuals used to surf on mobiles.  There are large scale of people, which are using mobile search.  If your website is not mobile friendly or responsive then it cannot provide good user experience and you will lose your valuable clients.
Anybody wouldn't like to visit the sites that are not looking correctly. Onwards 21th April, Google also added a mobile friendly site as a ranking factor.
Check the mobile friendliness of web page by Google Mobile friendly tool.
So, Responsive website is the most imperative for great user experience and for higher rankings in mobile search results.
2.     Need to optimize only one URL

By building a responsive website, you need to optimize just one URL for all types of devices.  Your task of optimizing web pages will become easier.
If you built another mobile site, then disadvantage is you have to optimize both the sites separately for desktops and mobiles. Your time and effort will be saved.
3.     Low bounce rate & smarter user experience

Your bounce rate will diminish as your site provides the best user experience for both mobile and desktop users.
4.     Google friendly & SEO optimized

The responsive websites are Google friendly SEO optimized.
5.     Cost effective & Easy to manage

A responsive design reduces the cost of website development because it saves the cost of building a new website for all screens.
As we need to manage only website for all types of screens, website management will become easier.
So, don’t think too much. Always go for responsive website design to delight your visitors.
About Author:
Anjana Ratadiya is SEO Professional at Guru Technolabs. She is passionate about SEO, WordPress and Digital Marketing.

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