Tuesday, October 6, 2015

3 Top Tips To Consider When Looking for A Home To Buy

Buying a home is a big decision. Before you sign on that dotted line and shake hands with the previous owners as well as the bank, there are various factors that you need to cinsider. Why not stop for a second and ask yourself three key questions that pertain to this property in order to make sure that you are interested in this property for the right reasons, and not only for the way that the home or apartment makes you feel.

Is This Home In The Right Area?
The right area for you is very important. If you take public transport to work every day, you need to investigate that the home is indeed close to the bus or train station. Also, if you have children or are wanting to in the future, is this home close to a school that you would like your kids to go to? Is it close to shops and other amenities that you need to use in your day to day lives? Location is important as a house in the right area will help in not adjusting your daily life too much when you move into your new home.

Can You Renovate?
It is imperative that you speak to the property broker about renovations. Are you allowed to change the home? Can you build above or extend the house in any way? If this home or apartment is a long term investment for you, there might be a time in the future that you would like to add on another bedroom or update the kitchen as your family grows or your life changes. You will live in the house for the foreseeable future, so it is important that you know if you can expand on the plans or change them if need be.

Can I Afford This Home?
Whether this home is for investment purposes or you are looking to buy and live on the property for many years to come, the question must be asked – can you afford it? It is tempting to buy a home for the aesthetic beauty and large spaces, but a home that you can afford will give you less stress as you pay it off. Banks, property brokers and financial advisors will be able to assist you with these questions, help you sort out your finances and let you know if buying this property will hinder or help your financial situation. Property is indeed an investment, but only for those who can afford it.

Answering these question truthfully and honestly, whether you are looking for a property in Dubai to buy and rent out or an apartment in Cape Town to purchase in order to start your new life, answer these questions truthfully and make an informed decision!

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